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Cox Cookies and Cake

Just when we thought the whole cupcake craze was starting to fizzle, along comes high-end shoe designer Patrick Cox with a rad new take on the scrumptious little treats. While soccer moms and sorority sisters might flock to New York’s pastel-hued Magnolia Bakery to satisfy their cupcake cravings, Cox Cookies & Cakes in London’s chicer-than-thou Soho District is the destination of choice for hipsters, fashionistas and film industry types.

In his sleek new digs on Brewer Street, Cox serves up decadent goodies inspired by Salvador Dalí and Andy Warhol (think big red lips and Marilyn Monroe). And get ready for a lot of black and neon. “I want it to be a very sensual experience when you walk in’, Cox told GQ Magazine recently. ‘I think it should be somewhere between a disco, a sex shop and a cake shop’. Sex shop meets cupcakes? Nope, haven’t seen that one before.

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