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Beware of the bunny-headed humanoid

It’s come to our attention that mankind is about to encounter an evolutionary quantum leap, very similar to 200,000 years ago when the homo neanderthalensis and the homo sapiens began to mingle, colonizing the same territories across Europe. We don’t know if you’ve noticed already, but there is a new species among us, ‘rabbitly’ spreading, with the probable intent of making mankind extinct.

I introduce the Lepus Sapiens, commonly known as the ‘bunny-headed humanoid‘. This Tumblr has the humble ambition of gathering scientific evidence for the existence of this new race by collecting photo proof from all around the world. If you happen across the bunnyman yourself, please be careful! We don’t know yet how threatening the species is.
bunny-headed humanoid tumblr
bunny-headed humanoid tumblr
bunny-headed humanoid tumblr

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Nini is a self-proclaimed Social Media Whore, living and working in Germany. Her main profession lies in the conventional corporate media world, but she’s certainly come around, having worked for several online music mags, with a number of photographers, and for record labels such as the iconic LA-based Southern Lord Records.