Featured Image for Amanda Visell’s monster art

Amanda Visell’s monster art

Remember those monsters that used to hide under your bed? Well, I met their mother! And no word of a lie, Disney’s been paying her to give you the creeps. She’s been right under our noses the whole time, drawing, painting and planting her evil monsters in the imaginations of people around the world. Amanda Visell’s art transports me to a place in my imagination where Captain Hook wouldn’t last two seconds because of the cannibals, and Peter Pan would have been eaten by a giant hippopotamus rather than an alligator.

Batman fights dragons, unicorns are real and, yes, it’s possible to be boiled in a big pot if you aren’t careful! (Before you judge me and my crazy ideas, my drug is caffeine, out of a coffee cup!) If you’re game, visit Amanda’s website and check out what’s coming out of her studio. Be warned though: there is something scarier than monsters … his name is Manly, he’s Amanda’s dog, and he’s in the process of taking over the world.
Amanda Visell art
Amanda Visell art