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Marben Restaurant, Toronto

Nothing is hotter these days than charcuterie, which is why Marben Restaurant in downtown Toronto is rocking a farmhouse-chic dining experience for all those who find cured meats and home canning totally sexy. With an interior of brick and birch decorated with mason jars and balloon whisks, Marben Restaurant is bringing agriculture to the big city.

At this new restaurant, the head chef works next to the head butcher and French bistro fare is married with Ontario produce. The relationship between chef and farmer is taken very seriously, so expect to find most of the menu items named after the folks who had a direct hand in the cultivation. On this menu you will find such popular dishes as duck terrine with beet and cardamom chutney to braised rib burgers topped with sharp cheddar and raw turnip salads. And dessert? The best of home cooking – ice cream sandwiches smartened up with Callebaut chocolate and a crème anglaise for dunking. Country living has never seemed so seductive.