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Pat Stevenson on Australia’s inspiring nightlife

We asked Hobogestapo photographer Pat Stevenson what Australian nightlife means to him: ‘I believe the main characteristic that makes Sydney and Australia stand out from the rest of the world is how tightly knit our community is, everyone knows everyone. This may sound like a bad thing, but it actually makes things great. I find in Sydney we are like one big family, everyone is on good terms with each other and for the most part it’s a very positive, supporting group of very talented musicians and creatives pushing each other to achieve something truly unique’.

‘I found when I first started shooting social stuff, that a lot of things were very bland and generic. You had your small pockets of creatives trying to push things in a new direction, but for the most part, it was all very tame and safe. Each time I go out to shoot, I am always trying to think of something new and innovative to try to change things up a bit. It’s great working with five other guys under the Hobo banner in Sydney as we all basically live with each other in our small office space in Surry Hills and we are constantly punching ideas into each others heads and feeding off each other.

‘I just came home from shooting an entire portraiture gallery with ‘The Kid’ in three different clubs around Sydney, just using two iPhone ‘flashlight’ apps to light our subjects. It is this thirst for creativity that is keeping me happy and active three years down the track. Still going strong!’ [photos by Pat Stevenson]

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