Featured Image for Singapore’s The Salad Shop

Singapore’s The Salad Shop

Singapore-based The Salad Shop is a funky, fresh hub for busy city workers to grab a quick bite of ‘fresh food fast’ over lunch. While the smorgasbord of greens and salad toppings are enticing, it is the atmosphere that really draws you in. Designed by the same clever team that brought us the Chocolate Research Facility, the interior is sleek, chic and eclectic all at the same time.

Dazzling white tables line the room with wooden chairs and colourful patterned stools, while industrial ceilings above meet wood paneled walls below. Best of all however, are the immense spoons and forks cut out from solid backdrops that function as the restaurants windows. The whole place is then sweetly finished off with a row of perfectly attractive lamps printed with various pastoral landscapes.

The Salad Shop advertises as being a place for ‘herbivores, carnivores and everything else in-between’, but what it really is is a place for people who strive to enjoy the dining experience, even when schedules are tight. Who said fast food had to be generic and unappetizing?