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Guerrilla Ice Cream

Political awareness is not exactly your standard ice cream topping, but it’s what you’ll find when you line up at New York’s new Guerrilla Ice Cream street cart. This pioneering mobile project has paired gourmet frozen custards to political movements around the globe in an effort to temper the trendy with a little social responsibility. Flavours correspond uniquely to their chosen uprising and include such combos as the Velvet Revolution from the Czech Republic, a lemon poppy seed ice cream topped with spiced cookie crumbs and lemon zest.

Or, there is the Red Corridor from India, made of a chai masala blend sprinkled with sliced almonds and candied fennel. To really bring the message home, all profits are channeled into supporting marginalized communities in NYC and abroad. With flavours so enticing and business plans so noble, who wouldn’t want to knock back some conflict study with their afternoon cone?