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Wine in a beer bottle

If there was any doubt that beer is the new wine, it can now be put to rest with the introduction of this new wine packaging: wine in a beer bottle. That’s right, we’re talking about a Swartland Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot blend out of South Africa cheekily disguised within a kitschy brown beer bottle with an equally cheeky title, Bob’s Your Uncle.

The concept comes from South Africa’s unique Boer & Brit winery and is the product of design team Fanakalo. Their goal is to see wine enter the realm of the after-work brewski where people can kickback with it around the campfire and drink it straight from the bottle. The old-school gold and brown colour scheme and amusing iconography of the packaging hint at humour, encouraging drinkers to take it all a little less seriously.

And don’t worry about the unconventional stopper – the beer top seal is touted to be more effective than the cork and screw caps. So to enjoy wine without all the pretence, grab a bowl of pretzels, crack one of these bottles, and Bob’s your uncle.
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