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So if Foursquare is the new Facebook, then Foodspotting must be the new Race Around The World for foodies. Foodspotting strips away the jargon of restaurant reviews and serves you up a photo of the best dishes from around the world, from the actual person eating it.

“Randy F” (from Palo Alto, CA), the top Foodseeker, has posted 1837 food sightings, has 192 followers, and I do believe has tasted every food on our fair earth. But Randy, have you ever tasted the sweet potato fries at Burger Urge in Fortitude Valley, Australia? You may be 1835 sightings ahead of me, but sweet potato fries are my turf, super foodie! (I’m now going to back away from Randy F’s foodseeking awesomness and plan my sweet potato domination on Foodspotting!) But if you’re in Lake Grove, NY, check out Bobby’s Burger Palace!