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Disorder Disorder in Sydney

Pitched as ‘Ulterior Motives in Contemporary Art’, Disorder Disorder is running until November 14 at Penrith Regional Gallery. It’ll be well worth the trip out west of Sydney: the Australian, Japanese, American and European cast reads like a warriors of street art roundup and includes Mike Giant, Ed Templeton, Anthony Lister [artwork above], Ozzie Wright, and Jonathan Zawada.

Curated by Joseph Allen — the man behind countless Monster Children Gallery shows – the exhibition is rooted in street art and pop culture, with artists whose work has evolved within graffiti, skateboarding, tattooing, comics, surfing, commercial art and heavy metal. It’s the first large-scale exhibition of these artists, and the art of these sub-cultures, in an Australian public institution. Lectures and workshops are included in an accompanying events program. Get there.