Featured Image for Singapore’s The Tippling Club

Singapore’s The Tippling Club

The Tippling Club is a bold Singaporean space where molecular mixology is married with chic design and cutting-edge gastronomy, all wrapped up in a lush rainforest. Here, English-born chef Ryan Clift and barman-cum-chemist Aussie Matthew Bax, dare to push the boundaries of cuisine and cocktail creativity.

Through engaging each customer in the imaginative process both in the kitchen and behind the bar, Bax and Clift aim to offer up a joint that is more like one big chef’s table — a table where flavored smoke, dust, and air flow out of your drink while rare spirit bottles hang nonchalantly overhead. And on the menu? How about the fennel, tarragon, licorice, and smoked bluefin paired with a concoction of absinthe, gin, champagne, bitters, and ‘green fairy fog’? So whether it’s the open-air forest terrace or their tasty cocktails, this rad space is sure to draw you in — and keep you lingering for hours. Better take a cab.