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Nude Bike Ride in Madrid

‘Indecent sinners, you are!’ screamed a Spanish granny, waving her cane at a gaggle of naked cyclists. Across the street, a passerby dropped his shopping bags, stripped to his tennies, and sprinted off to join the pack. This is Madrid’s annual Ciclonudista, a bike event in which hundreds of brazen activists gather in the nude for a rollicking ride to raise awareness for bicycle culture in the Spanish capital.

In conjunction with Critical Mass and the World Naked Bike Ride day, Ciclonudista calls for a safer, greener, and more bike-friendly city, beginning with the creation of bike lanes in Madrid. Complete with a police escort, traffic came to a complete standstill as the mass careened down boulevards and plazas in a whirlwind of breasts, butts and spokes. Riders were armed with wigs, masks, blow horns and boom boxes strapped to their baskets. They used squirt guns to ward off the myriad of bystanders, who whipped out cameras at the sight of a white rump. That this year’s ride fell on a cold and rainy Saturday merely hindered activists from reveling in the fountains outside the Royal Palace as they had in past years.
Ciclonudista Madrid
Ciclonudista Madrid