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Brewdog: the strongest beer ever

Wild imagination and fearless innovation has been fueling the masters over at BrewDog to engage in what they like to call ‘extreme brewing’ for some time now. They’ve pumped out such off-the-wall creations as ultra bitter, ‘hopped to hell’ India Pale Ales, and a 32% imperial stout known as the Tactical Nuclear Penguin.

And, in the ultimate spirit of extreme brewing, they’ve pushed the boundaries, culminating in the creation of their limited series The End of History 55% ale – also known as, the strongest — and most expensive – beer ever.

Only twelve bottles of this potent blond Belgian brew were produced and in case it wasn’t ostentatious enough, they conceived to encase them in the former bodies of little, furry creatures. All road kill, of course. Why, you might ask? Well besides the obvious link between craft brewing and taxidermy (right…), they wanted to jar your notions of design aesthetic and traditional brewing. Unfortunately, your out of luck if you thought this would make the perfect hostess gift for your next dinner party: the bottles are sold out, not to mention they went for £500-700 a piece. Now that’s some extreme dedication to beer.