Featured Image for Pasona 02: Tokyo’s subterranean farm

Pasona 02: Tokyo’s subterranean farm

In a city like Tokyo, where high-density living has reduced green spaces to mere pockets, and Japanese food self-sufficiency has dropped below 40%, it makes sense to look to alternative forms of agriculture to feed the growing population. Enter Pasona 02, a square kilometre of underground farm located in an abandoned bank vault that prepares jobless youth for work in the agricultural industry.

A study conducted by The Tokyo Foundation in 2008 showed that agriculture is on the decline Japan, mainly due to structural reforms and advances in technology. But this decline isn’t helped by the aging of the farming workforce, which primarily consists of the elderly. This means that if Japan is to improve its self-sufficiency, it will be up to young people and places like Pasona 02 to rebuild the industry.