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Traditional Balsamico

Invigorated by a recent European jaunt, I had the fortune of meeting Cristina Crotti, an Audrey Tautou look-a-like and owner-maker of artisanal, ‘tradizionale balsamico’. Founded by her family 40 years ago, il borgo del balsamico has created a cult following for itself by packaging its luscious, complex balsamicos in anarchistic fashion. Gone is the stuffy eighteenth century-style branding that by-and-large encompasses the packaging.

In its place, you’ll find the liquid encased in contemporary, color-coded modernity. Add the fact that it’s aged in the attic of her seventeenth century cobblestone farmhouse, located in the Emilia Romagna region, and you’ve found yourself the best Balsamico a few Benjamins can buy.