Featured Image for The Cake Monkey bakery in Los Angeles

The Cake Monkey bakery in Los Angeles

Admit it. Occasionally images of Yo-hos, Pop Tarts, and Snowballs creep into your mind, sparking an irresistible craving for those over-processed sugary childhood sweets. Well, breathe a sigh of relief: all your nostalgic food fantasies can now come true, thanks to the clever folks at Cake Monkey.

Based in LA, this spot-on bakery whips up their own, pimped up version of your favorite classic delights, giving them a scrumptious, all-natural — and significantly tastier — spin. Here, chocolate cake is rolled with vanilla cream then coated with bittersweet chocolate, while vanilla cake is filled with homemade caramel and lovingly topped off with marshmallow frosting and toasted coconut. And then there is my personal favorite: ‘Nuff Said. This over-the-top treat sublimely mashes-up a chocolate crumble cookie with homemade marshmallow, dark chocolate, pecans, caramel — and the pièce de résistance — Fleur de Sel.

Cakewiches, Inside Out S’Mores, and heaps of other tantalizing sweet treats abound, many of which are adorned with a simple, understated silver wrapping giving it that perfect retro feel. All products are baked to order and delivered, so be sure to have your chilled glasses of milk on hand.