Amber Asylum: Outer Dark

My band, Bloody Panda, recently had the honor of opening for Amber Asylum in their hometown of San Francisco. The project of primary songwriter and frontwoman Kris Force, the band specializes in string-and-piano-heavy neoclassical/darkwave that required more attention than some drunken attendees were able to muster on a late Wednesday night.

Still, Force’s operatic vocals and the narrative structures of her songs kept most of us captivated, as if she were a village matriarch singing tales of heroism and sorrow before we went back out into the night to battle our enemies. With a constantly shifting line-up that has featured a who’s-who of the Bay Area metal scene, Force’s band was definitely the epicenter of the SF metal scene that night, and there couldn’t have been a more high-profile show of the genre to play. It was a great night.