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Shorts Brewery, Michigan

This last week I was in Michigan with my sister and soon to be brother in law/beer aficionado. We trotted around the micro-breweries of northern MI and our merry little band of travelers (one gets fairly merry when you are tasting flights of 6-8 beers at every pub) found Shorts Brewing Company to be the best of the best.

Having tasted about half of the beer list, I was impressed that every brew tried was approved of, which was a first ever for Jon, the beer aficionado. Personal favorites were the Huma-Lupa-Licious, the tastiest best balance IPA to ever pass my lips; The Magician, the best London Red I have had inside or outside of London; and the Anniversary Ale, a special blend that changes every year. Beer lovers everywhere look out for Shorts, they are all over MI right now, so keep your fingers crossed for regional and, dare I say, national expansion.