Featured Image for Jazushi in Sydney’s Surry Hills

Jazushi in Sydney’s Surry Hills

Eating agedashi tofu and sushi while live jazz music plays is a pleasure of mine made possible by the very unique Jazushi restaurant in Sydney’s Surry Hills. The hidden gem specialises in traditional Japanese cuisine fused with European influence.

Think actual mushrooms in your miso soup; grilled eggplant steak with tomato miso and cheese; camembert tempura; teriyaki chicken served on a bed of roast potatoes; and fish garnished with balsamic soy sauce. Above all, the delicious tapas-style menu is designed for sharing among friends so you can taste an assortment of morsels. The sweet choya plum wine, sesame ice-cream and wonderful service made an impression on my stomach and left me smiling. I will definitely be returning to this hip jazz headquarter.