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Forget the cone at Las Paletas

In case you didn’t know, artisanal ice cream is so last year; gourmet popsicles are the new epicurean treat for summer. But Las Paletas in Nashville, Tennessee has been wise to this trend all along.

For several years, Las Paletas has been Nashville’s best-kept secret, quietly turning out Latin American-inspired ice pops from a modest storefront without so much as a sign to indicate its presence. Despite the lack of pretence, exotic knock-out flavors are listed daily on an old-school chalkboard under two headings; creamy paletas and fruity paletas. From these two varieties, you will find such flavours as chocolate wasabi, pineapple chili, Mexican caramel, hibiscus, and avocado. If these flavours delight your palate, forget the cone and try a paleta.