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The Cheese Store of Silverlake

We ran ourselves ragged driving from Baltimore to Portland in 48 hours flat, and by the time we were almost done with our West Coast tour in LA, we were exhausted, stinky, and broke. At moments like these, a little imported sheep’s milk cheese does wonders, which is why we b-lined it to The Cheese Store of Silverlake right after we downed our espresso shots at Intelligentsia right next door.

The impressive store features the best cheeses available Stateside (unfortunately USDA regulations prohibit the sale of raw milk cheeses aged less than 60 days, which pretty much eliminates some of the best French cheeses), mouth-watering charcuterie, and various sauces, tapenades, olives, and tasty little packages of culinary delight from lands far and wide. Of course, none of us could afford anything and we were there to take advantage of the free samples, but the place does offer custom baskets of goodies that fit most budgets even slightly more flexible than that of a touring doom metal band.