Uncovered 2

So I’ve had this idea for a reality TV show: ask a well known musician or producer to re-record a classic hit of the past. How would, for instance, My Sharona sound if recorded today using today’s production approaches and music styles? I reckoned it’d be an interesting show.

But then I got sent the recently released Uncovered 2, by Ministry of Sound. It’s a beautiful set of covers which features some absolutely stunning cover songs. Sarah Blasko’s cover  of Flame Trees (Cold Chisel) is perhaps one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard.

And Lisa Mitchell’s version of Romeo And Juliet (Dire Straits) brought shivers down my spine. What a stunning love song; which she’s done full justice to.

Then there’s the awesome Angus & Julia Stone covering the classic Grease song, You’re The One That I Want. OK, there are some misses, but on the whole, this is an epic set of songs from some wonderful artists, most of whom are Australian.

Listening to the CD, I realised that my show wouldn’t fly. Music is so much about a musician’s unique approach to a song. How they arrive at their take on a song is a personal creative experience which wouldn’t render on the TV. No dramas though, I’m not really a TV guy anyway.