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London Calling in Mexico: Morgana

British fashion designers Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen are known the world over for their theatrics on the catwalk, but such displays of artistic fashion are unconventional for Mexico. So when designer Mauro Babún unveiled his Morgana Fall 2010 line at DFashion week with all the eerie pomp and circumstance of a McQueen show, the audience gleaned the pasarela melodrama.

Inspired by the baroque architecture of the Zacatecas cathedral, a towered and tiered church with an elaborate facade, the muted rose and beige undertones of the clothing echoed the stone of the church, as did the florid details in dresses and blousons. The female silhouettes looked straight from Westwood’s mid-90’s Anglomania. Babún meant for the collection to be structured but with the sense of decomposition like bloodied history of the church. Gulp.

Off stage, three female wailers murmured over a violin concierto, filling the catwalk with shrieks and shrills. It was surreal and hair-raising. Babún received a standing ovation. What else is one to do after such a daring display of couture? The show, as it turns out, was a dedication to the life of McQueen. Long live that sort of drama in Mexican fashion!
Morgana fashion
Morgana fashion