Featured Image for Toronto’s Soma Chocolate

Toronto’s Soma Chocolate

Over the years chocolate has evolved from mass-produced baking tablets in kitchens where dark chocolate was virtually unheard of, to a distinguished product coveted for its incredible complexity. However, today’s attitude towards chocolate has not so much evolved as it has returned to its pagan roots when it was revered as a wondrous, even medicinal, ingredient. Enter Soma Chocolatemaker in Toronto’s uber-hip Distillery District where you can ‘eat, drink and worship chocolate’.

At Soma, chocolate has been put on a pedestal and is explored in its deepest, darkest, and earthiest varieties. Here, the origins of chocolate are truly celebrated with their assortment of sumptuous drinking chocolate, such as their famous chili-spiced Mayan hot chocolate, or the ‘dark side of the mug’, a pure blend of fruity dark chocolate melted right into your cup. They also serve an Italian classic known as Bicerin — a small shot of melted dark chocolate, espresso, and whipped cream. A selection of these intoxicating beverages may be enjoyed in-house amongst the hub of their micro-chocolate factory or as take-home mixes to be brewed as the perfect morning pick-me-up or evening nightcap.