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Sarah Elizabeth Foster’s Secret Playlist

Gardening From The Ground Up Part 1 is Houston native Sarah Elizabeth Foster‘s first collection of deeply charged tunes. Filled with raw emotion and wistful reflection, her songs are the product of a vision almost stalled when she was challenged to persevere through the intensive vocal therapy necessary to arrive at what her doctors called a “miraculous recovery” when she was diagnosed with a benign, vocal chord polyp. The record is an unusual acoustic blend of 60s inspired pop, fresh folk and classical motifs wrapped around Sarah’s deep vocals and emotionally rich lyrics. Her Secret Playlist started with the Joni Mitchell song, Both Sides Now [listen below]: ‘The orchestral arrangement of Both Sides Now is so moving, paired with Joni Mitchell’s voice. The intro starts so perfectly and quietly then you immediately grasp her life experience the second you hear her voice. At the 2:40, mark when the horns come in, I always feel my heart swell’. Read the rest of Sarah Elizabeth Foster’s Secret Playlist.