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Say Hello To Pop Bar

Not since Bill Cosby’s Jello Pudding Pop heyday have popsicles witnessed such an exciting resurgence. So much, in fact, that the recent openings of popsicle-centric dessert bars is ensuring that 2010 will be crowned ‘The Year Of The Popsicle’. Time to pass the crown, Ice Cream Sandwich.” In Los Angeles, the recently launched PopCycle offers Farmer’s market flavors like Cucumber Lime, by way of their custom-built Flame Orange Bicycle. But it’s Pop Bar in New York City that has me saying: ‘I’ll take one of those … and that one, too … and what the hell, one of every flavor’. Pop Bar’s twenty-five flavors rotate daily and are represented in an artful De Stijl harmony. The Pudding Pop, it seems, has found a worthy companion.