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Beer flavored ice cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Beer Scream? At Toronto-based Beerbistro, ice cream is being turned into something to really scream about. Specializing in what they call ‘fresh market beer cuisine’, Beerbistro is a beer lover’s dream, with twenty beers on tap, 140 plus bottles, and a menu entirely comprised of beer flavored dishes — including dessert.

Best of all, Beerbistro has recently made their famous beer-flavored ice creams, Beer Scream, available for take-out or purchase at local boutiques. Now you can enjoy Rocky Road & Coffee Porter, Beery Berry Sorbet, or Dragon Stout & Skor Bar whenever you get that craving for beer and ice cream — and let’s face it, don’t you always? Thanks to Beer Scream, staying at home with a tub of ice cream just got a whole lot better.

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