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Ales ‘Bask’ Hostomsky

Bask is a beast. His ability to find the potential in discarded panels, doors, and signs, are just one of the many layers incorporated into his work. He’s developed his own brand of social commentary by abducting safe, iconic imagery, and using them to address anything from personal obstacles to social epidemics.

The best way I can describe experiencing his work would be to take yourself back to when you were a small child, and you were absolutely terrified that a monster was underneath your bed. After restless nights, you finally muster up the courage to look, and as it turns out, you had every reason to be concerned. There really is a monster under you bed. One is in the closet, too. For as amazing as Bask is as an artist, he is an even better friend. A constant source of inspiration, he always pushes me to raise the bar within my own work.
BASK art
bask art
bask art