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Leopold and his Fiction

Something at the root of old American rock n roll will always grip the contemporary audiophiles, no matter what. It’s that raw soulfulness that came pouring through the speakers then, just as it might now, whenever played loud and careless of what a neighbor might think. Sure, you might think it’s a bygone era in music, one that’s merely left to the ol’ classic-rock radio station these days. But nostalgia aside, the talent that’s been concentrated in Leopold and His Fiction really makes me think, ‘holy shit, it’s true—the essence of rock n roll music will never die if it keeps passing along and aging like this’.

I could easily compare Leopold and his Fiction to a vintage wine, a vintage car maybe, but they’re more like a rough piece of aged leather, one that’s been soaked and handled accordingly, reconstituted for a modern-day take. That’s just what they are. A close, almost perfect fit, Daniel James (guitar + vocals), Jon Sortland (keys + drum) and Micayla Grace (on bass) make up this San Francisco-based trio. Stirring up James’ Detroit aesthetic with a bit of Sortland’s jazz/funk drum, Grace’s steady, flaring bass keeps the boys well in tune. They’re a sight to be seen soon enough. After recently exiting the studio with Thom Monahan (Devendra Bandhart and Au Voir Simone), the road — hard as it can get — seems to be hitting a straight. And we suggest they gun it.