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Bailey Doesn’t Bark tableware

Want to get a real reaction from your friends the next time you have them over for dinner? Test their squeamish levels with this lifelike tableware from Re Jin Lee, a New York designer who started her own product line, Bailey Doesn’t Bark, two years ago. And yes, Bailey is her dog.

The former fashion designer puts a serious emphasis on quality: all of her tableware is both cast and decorated by hand – she even does a lot of it herself – so each piece is a stellar investment. But maybe creepy crawlies aren’t your cup of tea? She also does gorgeous dotted tableware as well as a ‘postcup’ that you can decorate with your own little message. Whatever you fancy, be sure to watch out for Lee in the future – this lady’s got a killer eye for design.
bailey doesnt bark tableware
bailey doesnt bark tableware

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