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Milk vending machine

Drinking your daily milk quota just got a whole lot more fun with the milk vending machine. Latte crudo alla spina, as they are known in Italy, are small huts dispensing fresh, unpasteurized milk on tap. So popular are they, you can now find over a thousand milk huts spotted across the boot.

Here’s how it works: milk, fresh from the cows of local farms, is transported to the vending machines in the wee hours of the morning. In true Italian style you ride your bicycle, at anytime of the day, to your local ‘milk hut’. Then for 1 euro, a liter of pure, white, fresh milk pours into your glass bottle. The milk is divine, any milk connoisseurs dream; rich, creamy and reminiscent of yesteryears. The hut itself is quirky and charming with their illuminated latte signs. So next time you find yourself in Italy dying for a glass of fresh milk, or if just want to check out these cute little huts visit the milk map to find your closest latte crudo alla spina.