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Selleck Waterfall Sandwich

The fur-ladened chest. The perfectly coiffed mustache (Which has more Facebook pages dedicated to The Stache than the man who dons it). He fashioned cult fame as Thomas Magnum in Magnum, P.I., maintained his Macho Charm in 3 Men and a Little Baby, and became so hot during his guest roll on Friends, that the live audience shows were sacked in order to gird his Mustache. Did I also mention that he lives on a 63 Acre Avocado Farm? Tom Selleck is the Man. And Greg Szmurlo, the ingenious owner of the Tumblr site, Selleck Waterfall Sandwich, thinks so too.

Inspired by a recent dream he had of Tom Selleck eating a sandwich in a beautiful, springtime meadow, the site elicits Tom as the Waterfall Fairy to your Finger Sandwich; The resider of his Overstuffed delight; and a Provider of the Mahi Mahi … sandwich. There’s even an Official Theme Song. Selleck World Heritage Site Pizza? Selleck Freeway Falafel? Szmurlo, get on it.