Featured Image for Minimiam: A Hungry Imagination

Minimiam: A Hungry Imagination

During Akiko Ida and Pierre Javelle’s youth, the term ‘Stop playing with your food!’ must have fallen on deaf ears. And let’s be thankful for it. Because now, the husband and wife food photographers, who work under the name Minimiam (meaning MINI YUM), spend their days transforming everyday foods into whimsical, storied landscapes.

Akiko and Pierre find the textures of basic foods provide as a chance to not only satisfy their hunger, but also their imagination. Cracks in, what would appear to us as, a basic Eclair, turn into a hazardous fault line and peas become weights lifted by an Oldtimie Strongman. Parents, take notice! Here’s the ingenious future of getting your children to eat their peas and carrots.