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Marauding Vintners

So, first, a basic ‘You Ought To Know’ fact about wine. Expensive and palette seducing alcoholic grape juice always, and I mean always, highlights a sense a place. Meaning that the savvy wine drinker should be able to express the region where the grapes originates – with the über-connoisseur able to pinpoint a specific vineyard site and sometimes even that very plot of land within that vineyard. But, let’s be real. We’re rarely looking to drop $600 plus for that special Harlan Napa Cab experience and much of the time all we really want is that no-frills ‘Drink Till You’re Drunk’ Wine. Right?

Well, now you have it. Get your fists ready to tilt back the faddish Marauding Vintners Red Mr. (Pinot) Noir and White Miss (Pinot) Grigio, both made from contracted grapes from all across the world. As Marauding respectably laughs at their mysterious creations by enlisting the talented help of Illustrator, Harry Slaghekke at M/A/S/H Design Agency, you will soon be able to neglect that 2-Buck-Chuck in lieu of one Sugar Daddy Mobster or his respective Younger, Female companion, for under $10. Who’s getting robbed? Nope. It’s definitely not you.