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Cassette Kids

We checked in with Sydney-band Cassette Kids, who have been creating quite a buzz of late, and asked them about the highlights of their extensive touring over the past six months: ‘We literally just stepped off a plane from LA. We played at SXSW in Austin over the last week and it has probably been the most awesome experience to date. It’s amazing being able to play shows and go and see shows non-stop over five days’.

Strong aesthetics clearly play a big part in the Cassette Kids package. Who do you take your inspiration from in terms of a band or bands that have really refined their image and sound expertly in your eyes?
‘It certainly helps when a bands image is cohesive with their music, although we never really dressed a certain way on purpose, it;s just what we like. Big Dan has 95 pairs of shoes, he’s a real sneaker-freaker and we’ve all always cared about presentation, not only because we’re in the spotlight. I really like when each member of the band has their own personality and style to offer’.