Featured Image for Jules Kim’s Bijules

Jules Kim’s Bijules

I’ve known Jules Kim for about six years now, and in that time, she’s never not been an inspiring individual. Bijules is a widely known and respected jewelry and accessory line within tastemaker culture.

Celebrated in national and international press, Bijules is a unique brand sought after by those who have a passion for individuality and fashion. Current advocates of the line include some of the deepest underground acts, such as: Natasha Kahn of Bat For Lashes, Beans, MIA, Santigold and Spankrock. Mainstream clients include Karen O, Beyonce, Fergie, Paula Abdul, Lindsay Lohan, Eve, Janet Jackson, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Leona Lewis, Gwen Stefani, Peaches, Katy Perry and Britney Spears.

Jules Kim’s designs convey concepts that reflect American propaganda for the empowerment of women, the innocence of childhood, and the dark humor of adulthood. She makes pieces that hang, hug, clip, cut, and curve. These objects accentuate the body and represent not only her personal statements but also each wearers’ interpretation of themselves and their environment. In order to express oneself, there must be a means of communication and jewelry is the instrument for Bijules.