Featured Image for Bams and Ted pop-up store in Sydney

Bams and Ted pop-up store in Sydney

It’s one thing to base a clothing collection on a film heroine, but Sydney art duo, bams and ted, have taken it one step further, dedicating the entire contents of their pop up store to a fresh fictional hero every four weeks. The bams and ted store, which is currently part of the three-month Arcade shop residency at the newly re-launched Gaffa gallery in Sydney has already paid tribute to the lovely but missing schoolgirl Miranda from Peter Weir’s Picnic at Hanging Rock and Grace Kelly’s femme fatale Frankie from Hitchcock’s To Catch A Thief, with super sleuthing detective Jessica Lange of television series Murder She Wrote to come in April.

Sisters Rachel and Claire Fuller are behind the imaginative and playful spaces, the artist and stylist team sourcing vintage clothing, jewellery, shoes, accessories, homewares and nightwear that reference the featured character perfectly. The end result feels part film set part adult sized dress up box.

Most of the stock comes from the long time collectors personal stash of vintage items, with the former country girls popping back to op shops outside the city close to where they grew up to source extra items.

At first glance the bams and ted set up seems reminiscent of Vivienne Westwood’s legendary Kings Road store of the 70s, with its ever-changing name and contents honouring varying British subcultures. But the girls point out their store is not merely about reinvention but is also site-specific. Their shop sits in a nineteenth century police station and their actual store was a holding cell in a previous time. A murder mystery theme ensued, with the girls picking out films and heroines they admired whilst growing up as themes for the stores three incarnations.

With the last changeover due at the beginning of April, the girls are on the hunt for a more permanent shop space in Sydney and haven’t ruled out the possibility of going into menswear in the future or an online shop. [lead photo by Rachel Fuller]