Featured Image for R Wines’ Chateau Chateau

R Wines’ Chateau Chateau

Is that a one thousand dollar bottle of Mouton Rothschild with a label emblazoning the commissioned work of a famed artists such as Kadinsky, Chagall, Dali or Picasso? No and No. Instead, what you’re looking at is a surprisingly affordable bottle from the Australian producer, R Wines.

By appointing the M C Escher protégé, István Orosz, the line, Chateau Chateau, comes alive with Optical Illusion wonderment. He’s also succeeded in telling us a story — most notably seen in his label depiction of the two-faced Granache/Mourvèdre blend. At first look there appears a skillfully crafted skull (Powerhouse Granache), but at second glance there’s a gentler image (Soft Mouvèdre) – a white picket fence and man suspending from tree branches. Has fine art and fine wine finally made its way to the masses? Indeed, it seems it may be time to drink up.