Featured Image for Melbourne’s 65 Degrees cafe

Melbourne’s 65 Degrees cafe

Craving for some stellar joe while traipsing around Melbourne? Then 65 Degrees is definitely your cuppa. Set to add to the already funky Melbourne cafe scene, this recently opened coffee joint boasts friendly service, a laid back atmosphere, and, most importantly, what those-in-the-know are calling some of the best cup of coffee the city has on offer.

But don’t be fooled. While the cafe is new, the guys that run the joint are anything but novices. Brothers Jim, Con, and Peter Haralambopoulos, once owners of the well-respected 7 Grams cafe, boast a champion barista, world latte art winner, and award toting coffee that they roast and blend themselves. With skilled lads running the spot, solid and balanced handcrafted coffee, and handsome lattes, what more can you ask with a cuppa?