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El Bolson, Argentina

El Bolson is a beautiful village located in a fertil valley at The Comarca Andina, near Bariloche in Argentina. Close to national parks and Los Andes is a perfect place to stay and then start a trekking trough lakes, rivers and the mountains. In the town you can enjoy good music, handicraft market in Plaza Pagano, delicious local ice-creams and the view of Piltry Mountain.

The city is a small refuge of hippie souls and if you wanna try this atmosphere a good way is camp near the Quemquemtreu river. If you like organic food and to sleep in the forest Carlota and Mario can offer you a nice place to stay (Ni Nada Camp) and learn more about organic farm. Music is always present in the village and you can go all nights to listen local bands. If you love beer, February is your time.