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Laurel Avenue Bakery

‘We’re all a little mad here’, say the owners of Hollywood’s Laurel Avenue Bakery (aka Bakelab), an outfit that makes handcrafted goodies inspired by that fantastical childhood classic, Alice in Wonderland. The bake shop’s Tea Party Curio Box is packed with a delectable array of trippy treats: ‘curiously sweet’ blue meringue mushrooms, Cheshire Cat Macarons, ‘Taste Me’ cookies, and even a couple of unbirthday cupcakes — candles included.

The Alice-inspired pack of goodies is only available through April 5, but the California confectioners also make (and ship) more traditional treats like ginger-molasses cookies, peanut butter brownies, lemon sugar cookies, and of course the classic chocolate chip. (Who says everyone in L.A. lives on rice cakes and Diet Coke?) The bakery – which has only recently launched its line of retail products — says it specializes in American classics spiced up with a dose of ‘a modern irreverence’. We say that’s a mad idea.