Featured Image for Liddabit Sweets, Brooklyn

Liddabit Sweets, Brooklyn

Liddabit Sweets in Brooklyn is getting a little bit of attention these days. Scratch that; a lot of attention. And it’s no surprise. With handmade treats made from local and organic quality ingredients, this budding candy company has burst onto the New York scene bringing their philosophy of ‘local, artisanal, seasonal’ to an embracing crowd.

But Brooklyn-based Liddabit isn’t the talk of the town just for their social responsibility (though it helps). Their sweets too – from candy bars and caramels to lollies, jellies, and more – are gaining heaps of attention in their own right. Looking to indulge? Check out, for instance, their bourbon-coffee-bacon Caramel popcorn, which they boast is ‘salty, crunchy, smoky, boozy, bacony’. If that’s not enough, Liddabit also makes caramels of dark chocolate with black truffle, or beer and pretzel flavored too.

To be fair, I’ve haven’t yet tasted Liddabit Sweets, only drooled over their descriptions and photos. But if you’re in or heading to NYC, then check them out at the Brooklyn Flea Market each week, or of course, online at anytime.