Featured Image for Peppersmith Gum

Peppersmith Gum

There is something so enticingly old-school about Peppersmith Gum that makes it irresistible. And indeed, that’s the point. Intended to reflect the artisanal values of this new chewing gum company – as well as its distinctive ‘Englishness’ — this stylized packaging is as refreshing as the peppermint itself. Designed by London-based B&B Studio, simple, bright colors and a clever mint leaf logo adorn each box, which slides out to reveal a moustachioed icon, like Salvador Dali or Charlie Chaplin. Better yet, it also holds tiny pieces of paper for your used chew. Brilliant.

The gum’s not too shabby either. Made from natural products, like beech trees and peppermint grown in the UK, Peppersmith claims to be the first British all-natural chewing gum. And not only are the ingredients sourced sustainably but the packaging is too, made exclusively from FSC card and paper. So that’s the good news. The bad? Right now Peppersmith is only available in the UK. Sorry to your burst your bubble.