Featured Image for Milkmade Ice Cream delivered to your doorstep

Milkmade Ice Cream delivered to your doorstep

Remember the thrill you’d get to hear the ice cream truck jingling its way through your neighborhood as a kid? Those days may be long gone, but Milkmade Ice Cream wants you to rediscover some of that childhood glee. Now, though, there’s no need to sprint across the street to beat the other kids to the front of the line: these guys bring the goods straight to your front door.

And they’re some pretty tasty goods at that. The six-month-old Manhattan-based outfit has already created its own range of drool-inducing flavors like blackcurrant gingersnap, maple pancake, and even double chocolate chip with under-baked peanut butter cookie (sigh) — all made from local organic ingredients.

But don’t get too excited just yet. The subscription-based company — founded by two twenty-somethings who have been friends since their college days at Berkeley – only does deliveries, and right now they only deliver in one little corner of Manhattan. So unless you live somewhere south of West 35th Street, you’re out of luck, at least for now. But keep your eyes on Milkmade — they’ve got a stellar concept, and they’re already growing fast.