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The Black Ryder

We checked in with Aussie band, The Black Ryder, and asked them whether their new album, Buy The Ticket, Take the Ride, was a labour of love or if it fell into place really quickly. Aimee Nash, one half of the duo, replied that ‘it was definitely a labour of love considering we wrote, recorded and produced the entire album ourselves. Some songs were easier than others, and some took over a year to complete. Scott engineered the album yet we produced everything together so there were many tireless hours spent at the studio desk’. Said Scott Von Ryper, the other half of the group: ‘Most of it fell into place really quickly and then took over a year to refine it all. Some songs were written and recorded in a night, and then we just kept layering and tuning it until it sounded the way we dreamed it should be. We got told many times that early versions we were playing to people sounded ‘finished’, but we couldn’t help ourselves. The production side of creating music can be very enjoyable as well, so we took our time to explore it’. [Read a Secret Playlist by The Black Ryder]