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24 hours in Punta Del Diablo

We drank into the early hours of the morning. The air was still pleasant and warm. Drum beats and guitars floated towards us over easy hills and dusty streets. It carried us to a tiny intersection lit by a small open fire. Around it swayed groups of travelling musicians. An erected telescope stood a little further on a grassy patch. A man was speaking to a small group while pointing to the sky with a green laser pointer. We sat close by the fire watching musicians play out of tune guitars and various bongos.

Everyone smiled and rocked in and out of consciousness. Our feet were filthy from the streets. We pressed our sweaty eyes against the telescope and saw more stars than we had ever seen before. We began talking to a local woman and walked her, arm in arm, to the nearby discotheque in the trees. We bought drinks, removed our thongs and took turns to dance. The sun rose and we headed to the beach. We swam in its luke warm waters and fell asleep in the dunes.

When we were awoken by the heat we wandered into town and feasted on fish and cheese empanadas. We returned to the beach which by this time was crowded with families, friends and couples. They lounged and drank mate in the scorching sun. Another travelling band begun playing reggae on a make shift stage. A group of beach volley ball players stopped and danced while everyone clapped politely in between songs. This continued until sundown. We started to drink again.