Fantastic Mr Fox, based on the Roald Dahl book

I don’t get who decides what movies are shown where, and at what times. The new Twilight film is crap, stars androgynous mannequins, and is based on an even worse book by a bible-bashing lunatic. However for a couple of months I could see it at any megaplex at nearly any hour of the day. Then Fantastic Mr Fox arrives – a film based on a far superior book by an acclaimed director, starring a world-renowned vocal cast, and it’s not on anywhere but a few arthouse cinemas after 4pm. So I had to wait until the weekend.

As a society we really have stuffed some things up completely. Anyway, once in a while a director gets everything right, and while Wes Anderson has made some impressive films, none are better than Fantastic Mr Fox. The animation, the story, the jokes, the characters, the everything. Based on the Roald Dahl book, everyone seems to be arguing about whether it’s a movie for children or adults. It’s for both. It’s for neither. It’s so good who cares. Take the kids to see it if you want though, they’ll love it.