Featured Image for Melbourne’s Dead Man Espresso

Melbourne’s Dead Man Espresso

With a chic interior, solid coffee, and enthusiastic team running the joint, Dead Man Espresso in South Melbourne is unsurprisingly boasting a loyal following of addictive fans. The minimalist interior, with long communal tables and perches lining the front windows, creates the perfect laid back vibe for enjoying their house blend espressos and weekly changing single-origin coffees.

But what sets this space apart from other coffee hangouts is the tasty food on offer. There’s an infamous herb dressed pork belly sandwich, or steak with mozzarella and relish on bread. If you’re feeling adventurous, they’re awfully creative with adding fruit into savory dishes for an extra pop of sweet, freshness. Take for instance, their smoked salmon served on rye with avocado and grapefruit salsa, or their omelets with lemon, ricotta, and thyme (yum!). Between the stellar vibe, design, and menu, Dead Man Espresso is anything but dead on arrival.