Featured Image for Thandi Wines: for the people, by the people

Thandi Wines: for the people, by the people

While some vineyards work hard for high ratings, others are working to empower individuals. South African-based Thandi Wines wholly embraces the latter. As the first ever all black owned and operated vineyard in the world — not to mention the first Fair Trade-certified vineyard, too — Thandi fights to strengthen previously disadvantaged communities.

It is these communities of mostly poor farmers who not only serve as the operators on the ground for Thandi, but as a collective vineyard, they are all part owners too. With passion and will, these dedicated workers are changing the face of the industry. They also happen to produce quality wine that is growing an increasingly positive reputation throughout the world. So whether you go for their cabernet, chardonnay, or shiraz, you can be confident that in drinking Thandi you’re supporting and sharing in something powerful, well beyond the length of your glass.