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Marla Olmstead: is she the real deal?

We posted a while back about the debate surrounding the legitimacy of the artwork of child prodigy Marla Olmstead. The furor, in particular, centered around her performance in a controversial documentary, My Child Could Paint That, which looked at the then four-year old, who was already exhibiting regularly, despite her age, and the questions that were raised about the influence of her ambitious father. We’ve since received a long but mixed bag of comments about her work, from statements blaming the media (‘I watched the movie, and I do believe that the MEDIA has the ability to make ANYTHING look different than reality’), to disbelievers (‘not convinced one bit that the paintings she was filmed painting and the others were painted alone by Marla’), to those who think Marla is the greatest thing since, well, sliced bread (‘this child is amazing, her work speaks for itself’). Check out the comment thread and let us know your thoughts.